What Title

I was sitting here for five minutes trying to decide what the title of this post should be this time.  I hate titles when writing.  Just that I am not sure what to call it when I start.  I sometimes have no clue what I will write until I write it.  Might as well call it Post #2.  At least that would be more informative. I am going to make some coffee so take a break in reading this post 😛

Ok I am back now.  While I was waiting for the kettle to boil in the kitchen, I was thinking about what I wrote so far in this post.  Made me think that maybe starting a post is lot like life.  Don’t mind me here.  I like to try to make analogies about anything.  It helps me makes connections in my thinking.
But anyway when I start writing this post, I had to write down a title.  What would make a great title?  Well if I knew what the subject of the post would be I could come up with a title.  The only way I am going to know that is if I write this post.  But I cannot do that, because of this stupid software that wants a title before I write.
That is a lot like life.  Like choosing a title for a post, I have to make choices all the time.  Some of the choices are easy because I know how it will work out.  Like how much instant coffee to put in my cup.  But other choices are not so easy.  
What makes the choice so hard for me is that I don’t know how it will turn out much like my writing.   If I make that decision will it be the best one.  Can I just wait to see how things will turn out and then make the decision?  But like choosing the title, life doesn’t allow me the luxury to see how things turn out to make the decision.  That use to bug me a lot.  Also a great source of anixety.
The anixety coming from the idea that I did not make good decisions in my life.  I am not sure if that is a fair assessment now about my ability to make choices.   But anyway at the time I thought so about myself.  With that lack of self-confidence and not knowing which outcome would be best, I stressed over it.  It would reach a point where I couldn’t function because of the anixety. 
But slowly over time that anixety has reduced.  Too the point now that the anixety is still there but more like background noise.  What has changed that allowed me to make choices without so much anixety?
I could say in my old age that I have become old and wise.  That wisdom helps make me better decisions.  Yeah maybe a little.  Maybe it is the experience from my past bad decisions that helps make better ones.  Again a little but like they say about investing “Past experience is not a predictor of future outcomes”.  Sure experience can help me decide how much coffee  to put in my cup, but can actually help me make even worse decisions.  Thinking that how it happen in the past will be the same this time around.   Which is often not the case in most suitations.
I think the simple fact that has help reduce my anixety over making decisions is that I can survive regardless of the decision I make.  I think that is something I have gradually accepted about myself.  That it doesn’t matter what decision I make I will make it through despite the consquences.  Much like the title of this post.  Does it really matter what I call the post?   Whatever I call it, I will write something.  Regardless if the title I choose has anything to do with the actual writing, I will keep going.